Choosing a wedding photographer is a lifetime investment. After all, you will want to look at the photographs for years to come. Select a photographer you feel comfortable with – someone who hears you out when you voice your opinions and, at the same time, makes interesting suggestions that tie in with your vision.
You need to consider how much experience they have. Do they have a portfolio of recent work or testimonials from other clients? What about a website or Facebook page?
Have other friends or family members used them? If yes, and all signs are positive – make sure you book them and ask whether a deposit is needed.
Discuss the timing of the day in detail beforehand – ensure you know exactly when and where the photographer is expected to be throughout the entire day. Are they staying for the reception? The cake cutting? First dance?
Do they know who the key people in both immediate families are for photographing?
Do you want a group photo with everyone in it? Where do you think you want this
image taken?
Other questions to ask include:
How will they present the photographs to you?
What is and isn’t included in the cost
Do they have back-up equipment?
What suggestions are there for alternative wedding shots in case of emergencies such as bad weather or other unforeseen events?
How long will it take for you to get the photographs back?
Is an album included in the cost?
Are you going to get a copy of the photos electronically?