Alternative ways to feed guests

Feeding guests is one of the most hospitable parts of any wedding.
The cost to cater for your wedding depends largely on how many guests will be attending and the style and theme. The food and drink should complement your theme – and of course be delicious. It could possibly be your favourite food or something memorable that really suits the venue. If you have the money available to pay caterers, the first decision needed is how much per head your menu will cost.

Here’s some ideas for something special and a little different:

A small wedding could go with a picnic theme, complete with individual picnic baskets filled with delectable food and wine for each blanket or picnic table
A wedding that is more of a special party, rather than a reception type, could go for a campfire with sweet treats, special coffees and mulled wine
Create your own signature cocktail or dish that you and your partner love or have grown yourself
Use home-made preserves as special table adornments that they can take home
Have a dessert-only wedding feast (maybe keep a back-up savoury dish)
Lamb spit – a beautiful aroma will be created while guests are served freshly carved lamb. This could be put together with a simple menu of salads and freshly-baked bread
Hangi is an obvious choice for many couples in the Eastern Bay and again provides a delicious and nutritious wedding feast. Just ensure you factor in enough time for the cooking, extracting and serving
Barbecues – also an Eastern Bay theme but be aware barbequing food can take longer unless you have several on hand and experienced cooks. A huge range of food could be served and the barbecue could be a focal point of the reception
Whatever you choose – itemise what is needed and then ensure you carefully budget for every guest, including helpers.