MANY women have dreamt about their wedding day since they were first read fairy tales as a youngster, and a wedding dress epitomises this vision.  Age, practicality and children may tone down that vision, but if the dress is the thing you want to splash out on – the advice out there is to go for it, even if you have a small, budget wedding planned.

This may also be the time to break from your usual dress style and go with something unusual. Keep in mind comfort is a factor – gowns that are too tight, too revealing or too restricting to walk around in may end up reducing how much fun you have, no matter how stunning they look. If you have no idea of what you want your dress to look like, start looking early. Shop around and try on lots, even if you only figure out what you don’t like at first.

Other things to consider:
Ask other brides where they found their dresses
Think about all the options: having a dressmaker make a dress from scratch, buying from a bridal salon, buying vintage, wearing a family gown or having it revamped
Take a trusted family member or friend with you to choose the dress (someone who is honest, but values your opinion, after all its your dress)
Factor in time to have a dress made, if that is your choice
Ensure a final fitting close to the big day, so the dressmaker can ensure it actually fits, especially if you have been trying to trim down.

The bridal gown trends for 2016 include:
Dresses with a basic bateau neckline (a sabrina or boat neck) offer a sophisticated silhouette
Less sexy, but more practical than the plunging neckline, is the dipped v neckline which can add a touch of drama with all the class
Consider having a barely-there shade of colour, such as taupe, silver, pink or rose, perfect for spring nuptials, or take it to the extreme and have an ombre skirt
Younger brides may be keen to show off a touch of skin during their wedding day with a cropped top wedding dress, combining casual and chic
Lace never goes out of style, so consider layers of lace on top of tulle, or any number of patterned lace to add texture and an edgy style
Feathers add drama, whether bold black feathers, or soft fluttery and delicate. Ostrich feathers are another favourite
Spring symbolises new life, and what better way to portray a new life together and make a statement than with a gorgeous floral print, either floral fabric or embroidered onto another fabric.