Finding the perfect dress

As the bride, you will be the focus of everyone’s attention on your big day, including all the guests as well as your beloved. But in order to be the most beautiful woman in the room, the star of the celebrations must choose her dress carefully. Here are a few tips to help you.
1. Think before you shop.
It’s exhausting trying on dozens of dresses at random in the hopes of finding the perfect one. Before going shopping, be sure to browse some magazines and search the Internet to narrow down the styles you prefer.
2. Shop well in advance.
Most people get married in the summer, so dressmakers’ agendas soon fill up and the prettiest dresses fly off the racks quickly. Make sure you plan enough time for the fittings.
3. Choose carefully who you shop with.
Don’t shop with a crowd of friends who will confuse you with all their comments and diverging opinions. You’ll want one or two trusted friends to be able to give you some honest feedback.
4. Choose a dress that you like.
Your dress should make you feel good and allow you to be yourself. You also want to be comfortable walking up the aisle and dancing. Naturally, you’ll also want to choose a model that flatters your figure.
5. Bear in mind the general atmosphere.
Your outfit should harmonize with the wedding theme. For instance, a formal sequined dress is not really appropriate for a country setting.
One last tip: decide how much you want to spend on your dress before you begin your search. That way you won’t ruin your whole wedding budget by splurging on an expensive dress.