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Fresh ways with Flowers

The tradition of having flowers at a wedding dates back as far as the ceremony itself.

Flowers have always played a big part in the wedding ceremony. The origin of the bridal bouquet comes from the days when people didn’t bathe frequently, and the bouquet masked the smell!

The tradition of throwing the bouquet also have ancient origins, when a bride was considered extremely lucky on her wedding day and guests were compelled to tear off parts of her dress to obtain a good luck talisman for themselves. Over time this evolved into the bride throwing the bouquet instead and leaving her gown intact!

When thinking flowers, think about the season, availability, budget and the style of the wedding.
If you want a florist to make up the flowers for the whole event, it is best to book early. It’s a good idea to meet with the florist and discuss what you want, your style of dress, personality and the look on the day.

There are lots of ways you can arrange your own flowers – from simple jam jars filled with wild flowers, to arrangements you have made yourself.

A colourful bouquet can break up a traditional ivory coloured dress, adding that personality and statement or maybe it matches the gown. Table arrangements can be another statement piece.

Checking out the latest bridal magazines and websites will prompt you with lots of inspiration.