So you’re taking the plunge and getting married. Whether you’re a traditionalist and want a big white wedding with all the trimmings, or have a small intimate wedding in mind — the Beacon wedding planner has advice, tips and information to help. For most people, organising a wedding tends to be stressful, but the key to any good event is planning, planning, planning.
Despite the official part of a wedding ceremony typically taking about 30 minutes, there is so much to organise. Resist well-meaning suggestions for your special day from friends and family that may not resonate with you.
Remember, the reason you are planning the day is because you want to be married to the one you love and with whom you plan to spend the rest of your life.
This may help to put things in perspective when considering budgets, themes, locations and who is going to help you plan the event.
Your wedding is meant to be one of the happiest occasions in your life; something meaningful that signifies your feelings for one another.
It’s not the time to worry about what others will think.
It’s a time to plan something that will create a memory for years to come that includes the most precious people in your life and celebrates your commitment to each other.
Happy-ever-after begins here, at the planning stage, and the key word is communication.
Talk it over with your future husband or wife and encourage them to be open about their opinions. Make lists, if you have to, and then set about doing some research into how viable your ideas are. There are many things to consider; such as location, time of year, availability of the venue, celebrant and guests, should they have to travel to the event.
How much money you wish to spend is crucial to consider at an early stage.
Yes, it’s the day of your dreams, but be realistic. Starting a new life together with your soulmate and a tonne of debt, may not be an ideal way to begin.
Take some time to think about what you want to remember in years to come. Defining what parts of the day mean the most to you may help with priorities.