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Choosing the RING

THE ring is a symbol of your love for each other, something you will look at every day.
Here are the top tips for choosing rings for you and your beloved:
1. Narrow the choices from the outset.
2. Shop for rings together.
3. Start early, especially if you are having rings designed and made or your chosen ring needs re-sizing.
4. Allow for each other’s individual styles – the rings don’t have to match. If you like rose gold and he wants tungsten, then that’s fine.
5. Set a budget, but remember you will be wearing it every day – not like the wedding dress, which you will wear only once.
6. Allow extra funding if you want personalised engraving.
7. Think long-term and whether you will still agree with your choice in 10 or 20 years.
8. Get the size right – fingers do change depending on temperature, exercise, pregnancies, water retention and weight gain. Go for your final fitting when you are calm in the morning and not after you have just exercised.
9. Check the quality mark and ensure that you are buying a quality ring that will stand the test of time.
10. Know how to clean and look after your ring. Ask the jeweller where you purchase it, or the designer/manufacturer for advice.Protect your investment – chlorine, scratches and other chemicals can all discolour or disfigure your ring.
11. Keep your ring safe and insure it for peace of mind. If you do take it off, get into the habit of leaving it in a familiar place.