A sense of humour is a must when you plan your wedding. That advice comes from many a couple who have experienced the highs and lows of wedding planning. As well as finding the funny side of events leading up to your big day – keeping the lines of communication open between the bride and groom will help keep that loving feeling between you and your partner right through the organisation phase.

A few other tips:
Use your girlfriends as your sounding boards
Limit tantrums or ‘bride-zilla’ behaviour
Keep the ‘he’s not…..’ to yourself
Talk with your groom-to-be, don’t ‘tell him’
Be open about your priorities
Be realistic (money-wise and local availability)
Talk about the budget with your groom
On the day… be flexible, don’t sweat the small stuff
Be calm & take big breaths
Smile and enjoy the moments
Listening is your number one job
Have input into things that matter (for you)
Volunteer to pick up and drop off hire gear
Smile and tell your bride-to-be she’s doing a great job (it will help)
Have a go at writing your own vows – she’ll always remember
Your practicality can help with decision making
Talk through budget and priorities often
Be calm on the day
Enjoy yourself