No matter where the wedding, how small or large the budget, every bride has a common goal – to look her absolute best. While beauty does come from within and part of the “glow” that people comment on is the radiance of happiness, there’s also plenty of self-help, tricks and tips that can add to the bride looking her best in person and in photographs.

If your wedding is several months away, it’s the ideal time to get cracking on a health and beauty regime for long-lasting effects. While there is no right size, some women feel the need to lose a few kilograms so they can feel more comfortable in that fitted gown. It’s not often these days that women get to wear a dress tailored to every curve – so why not put a bit of effort in with a workout regime. It will help ease the stress of organisation as well, as exercise is scientifically proven to reduce stress, releasing those ‘happy hormones’ naturally. Exercise can include walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, cycling through to a whole range of boxing and cross fit cardio workouts available in the Eastern Bay. If you’ve never exercised, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a trained professional – don’t just decide on a whim to cycle 100kms. Losing weight or toning up is as much about eating the right foods – and avoiding the wrong stuff – so if you aren’t getting results carefully review what you are eating. Skin can benefit from a facial or series of facials, but again, don’t do something you’ve never done the day before you get married – just in case your skin flares up or has an adverse reaction. In terms of make-up, choose a beautician you know and trust. If it’s someone new, go there before your wedding day and get them to do your wedding make-up so you can see if you like it. For those with friends and family doing their make-up, same thing goes – have a practice day – maybe it could form the beginning of your hen’s night – so there’s no surprises.
As for the hairdresser, again go in for a trial consultation so you are absolutely happy with the style. In terms of colours, ensure the hairdresser and you are on the same page – although thankfully these days, photographers can alter photos after they’ve been taken.