Are you dreaming of a wedding in the sunshine and a reception under the stars? For your big day to be as magical as you’d hoped, you’re going to have to think of everything beforehand.
The layout of the site
Choose an easily accessible area that is as flat as possible to avoid wobbly tables or runoff if it rains. Also, be sure to notify any neighbors of your plans so they can be respectful of your need for a peaceful atmosphere.
The weather
Don’t bury your head in the sand; the weather could thwart your plans in lots of different ways. Choose heavy decorations that will stay in place if it gets windy. A warm, sunny day would be fantastic, but a heatwave could make your guests feel really uncomfortable. For a summer wedding, make sure you have some shady corners, parasols and cold refreshments.
In case of rain, a marquis tent or other shelter is essential for guests, musicians and caterers. Be sure to organize a supply of umbrellas at the entrance. The evening could be cool, so providing shawls or blankets for your guests is also a good idea. And don’t forget that mosquitoes could turn up at the party uninvited.
The facilities
Toilets, water, and electricity: do you have everything you need? The caterers may need to rent a refrigerated truck, so be sure to let them know which facilities will be at their disposal. Set up a sturdy dance floor as well for all those ladies in stiletto heels.
Next comes some ambient lighting: strings of fairy lights, candles with covers for the flames and lanterns will set the mood. And don’t forget to light the paths to the toilets and parking area.
Make sure you plan enough time and helping hands to set everything up. Transforming a backyard into an idyllic reception area isn’t something that can be done overnight.