Are you and your partner about to take the leap into marital bliss? Here are four things to look into before you send out your save the dates.

1. The season
Decide during what time of year you want to get married. Every season has its own charm, but know that the high season for weddings is over the summer. If you’re dealing with a small budget, consider an off-season ceremony to get the most bang for your buck.
2. The day of the week
If you feel like getting married on a Monday, there’s nothing stopping you from doing just that! However, the traditional Saturday wedding is a convenient option if most of your guests work Monday to Friday. Getting married on a Saturday is more expensive though, and you’ll need to reserve early to ensure that your dream venue is available.
3. The schedules
Open up your planner and carefully study your own schedule, and then ask your close friends and family about their own plans for the foreseeable future. Remember to consider time off work, vacations, and other significant events that are already planned among those in your circle to avoid any major scheduling conflicts.
4. The professionals
Before you send out your invitations, make sure that the professionals you want to hire are available on the chosen date. If you have your heart set on a certain photographer or caterer, secure their services as soon as possible so you don’t get left high and dry.