Asking other people to take part in your special day is an honour and a privilege. Sometimes the options for the wedding party are so obvious it requires little discussion, but it is a good idea to talk openly with your other half in the early stages of planning.

Family and best mates who’ve been around for years are usually obvious choices, as these friendships and family bonds will likely endure the test of time. However, ensuring the wedding party is well prepared for the speeches is a job that does need a little attention. While the best man’s speech is expected to be humorous, there is a fine line in terms of what should and shouldn’t be made public at a wedding. Talking about the groom’s former exploits is not something the bride or the parents on either side will be keen on. Let alone any grandparents who will just not know where to look.
It’s all been done before, but it makes the wedding memorable for all the wrong reasons and is not what such a happy occasion needs. If the best man wants to be invited back to future family functions he needs to filter history enough to ensure the groom’s misdemeanours are not publically aired.  However, the groom’s funny personality traits are open for a degree of ridicule, all within reason! These days the bride will often speak as well, and so too does one of her bridesmaids or wedding attendants. Who speaks and when is all up to the bride and groom and should be planned well in advance, and factored into the day plan so everyone knows what’s happening, how long it will take and is prepared.