It’s true that weddings have changed over the years – you can get married anywhere, in anything, you can even be the same sex. But one thing that has not changed is the man’s role. Up to the proposal you have done all the work, bought the ring, asked her father, plucked up the courage to ask her, asked her, and then celebrated her hopefully saying yes. Well, that’s pretty much your role done until you turn up at the church. Sure you may play a token role, choose the colour of the napkins on the table or whether you should wear a blue or green tie, but that my friend will be the extent of it.
Marriage may be equal these days, but planning the day is still the woman’s domain. Your consolation is the stag do, which is still a lot more fun than the hen’s night will be. There is good reason why women are still the key drivers in organising weddings. If it were left up to the man it would be a quick ceremony with a handful of mates, who would then nip down to the pub for the reception. The food would be a few pies and you would head off once the game had finished. You shouldn’t fight this, after or all do you either care or know what a canape is? You have to buy or rent a good suit, make sure you turn up in a good state and you can even palm the rings off to the best man. Your beautiful bride to be will have been dreaming about this day since she could remember. So really your role is pretty much to agree with everything she says, tell her frequently what a great job she is doing and make sure you listen. You may be required on occasion to enter into the fray to settle a dispute between your bride and a family member who is also involved. But remember, once the mighty wedding machine starts cranking it can’t be stopped.